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Now more than ever, you need to protect your organization’s data. But handcuffing where and how your employees work is not the answer. Not in today’s mobile world.

At FIT, we work with Azure Rights Management (RMS) to make things easy for you, even protecting your sensitive documents and data far beyond the borders of your firewall – just as reliably as if you were within the confines of your company building. That’s because Azure RMS doesn’t just apply guidelines for encryption authentication on desktops in the office, but also on smartphones, USB flash drives, or cloud drives. Regardless of whether someone is working from a company computer or a private device.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re always up on the latest technology trends that combine better data protection with more flexibility. And we can create an Azure RMS solution that allows your employees to easily share information with partners, customers, and colleagues either via email, SharePoint, or in the cloud – in any location, using any desired device. The result? You’re free from excessive worry and your staff is free to work with greater efficiency.

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