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Cloud solutions are everywhere. So what makes the FIT Private Cloud and its associated Platform and Infrastructure services so special?

For starters, we’ve been providing managed cloud hosting excellence for nearly 40 years. As an early SAP adopter and developer, we directly contributed to SAP’s own initial success. And as the cloud began to take shape for SAP, we were there with “purpose-built” solutions. From then to now, FIT offers multiple virtualization platforms and hosting options to provide you the highest levels of reliability, scalability and security. Our FIT Private Cloud IaaS comes with support and OS licenses. While our PaaS is a step further up the stack and includes the management of many databases including backup and snapshots.

Broad disaster recovery capabilities are based on FIT’s Metro Datacenter Cluster and Geo DR architecture utilizing modern cloud services of Microsoft Azure, giving you all the protection you need against data loss and to further ensure continuous availability. For added security, all FIT managed cloud services are delivered in a Risk Island approach and are available in a shared or dedicated configuration. So you can enjoy the cloud—without the fear of getting burned.

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