Patching: The Key To Better Protecting Your Mobile Devices [Infographic]

Could your unpatched mobile devices leave your company vulnerable to a security breach? Yes. Learn why in this infographic below.

Shh! Cyber criminals don’t want you to know that a lack of mobile device software patching is helping them out. Are your company’s mobile devices patched and up to date?

More Risk

Did you know mobile cyber-attacks are on the rise? With 20 percent of companies already experiencing a mobile cyber-attack, more companies are beginning to fear being breached.

Hackers are Stealing More

In the infographic below, you will see how attackers have become more sophisticated. As a result, attackers are stealing more money, an estimated $1 billion by 2020.

Android Devices are Easy Targets

Your biggest threat could be coming from employee’s Android devices. Android users saw an increase in targeted attacks last year. Fewer security updates leave these devices more venerable to cyber-attacks.

Keeping Your Company’s Devices Secure

Your company’s mobile data needs to be kept out of the hands of hackers. In the infographic below, learn the four steps your company can take to ensure your mobile devices are simply secure.

Learn more in this infographic below about how a lack of mobile software patching can leave your company’s mobile devices vulnerable to attacks.