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Freudenberg IT (FIT) is a global leader in Managed IT Services steeped in SAP expertise. The way we see it, technology should make your life easier, not harder. This includes the complex IT that runs your company. Our goal is to help you squeeze the most value out of this vital technology so you can enjoy more business benefits, more easily. And experience less stress—in and out of the office. Simplifying IT is a tough job; we’re the somebodies who do it.


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SAP on Azure?
C'mon, Let's go!

What’s stopping you from moving your SAP applications to the Microsoft cloud?

With FIT, you’ve got the green light — so c’mon, let’s go!


The Digital Enterprise — Realized

Cloud Services

On-premise, in the cloud or a hybrid approach. FIT has managed hosting and cloud solutions to meet your current and future digital enterprise needs. Plus all the experience and expertise to ensure your SAP and Microsoft applications are up, running and secure. No matter where they are….

End-User Services

Pressure is something you deal with daily. Particularly if you’ve got shrinking resources, rising expectations and ticking clocks. When you need to do more with less, and work smarter not harder, dial up our end-user services and let us help you dial down the pressure.

SAP Services

Deploying technology without a strategy can be a recipe for disappointment. Not to mention, disaster. From the shop floor to the top floor, our consulting and technology experts can help you craft a plan that ensures you’re getting all you can from your business-critical IT.


IT works best when it’s optimized for your particular business. That’s why we offer an array of solutions to tailor your SAP applications to meet your specific industry and/or line of business needs. Because when you achieve operational excellence you can achieve digital transformation – easier.

Application Management Services

Mike Auslander

Sun Products

“As CIO, I’ve got to earn the respect of my business partners every day. That means delivering business value and providing IT operational excellence on a consistent basis. I chose FIT because they genuinely care about our organization and I can count on them to do the right thing for us. Overall, the FIT culture promotes an incredibly high standard of excellence which allows my IT team to focus on our business partners rather than on operations.”

Customer Satisfaction400+ Customers100+ SAP HANA Worldwide Installations20+ Industries

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A place to fit in—the opportunity to stand out.

At FIT you’ll be expected to pitch in, pull your weight and push the company forward—from the start. We’re a dynamic company that needs go-getters, not order-takers. Put another way, you get the chance to make a difference right away.

What else do you get? A whole bunch of benefits such as: challenging work, room for career growth, 401(K) and company match, medical and dental insurance, paid time off, food trucks and free snacks, an entrepreneurial culture, fun events, plus all the responsibility you can handle. And then some.

Think you’d fit in at FIT? Outstanding! Send us your resume; we’d love to hear from you.

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Angie Lyon

VP, Project Management
FIT America

“Working at FIT is awesome because there’s room for you to grow. And I’m living proof. I joined the company as a Project Manager in 2007, several promotions and nine years later I’m now a Vice President. Here, it’s your initiative, ability and attitude that determine your success. At FIT, there’s no ceiling—glass or otherwise.”